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Contract Review
Document Analysis // 01


  To complete our Initial Review, we analyze any available inspection reports, damage reports, weather reports, and any other documentation available.  With these reports, we are able to prove with evidence, that an insurable loss has occurred and support our claim for max recoveries. 

  Losses happen, and must be managed.  We are here to help you manage the complicated claims process. We strive to be your "One Stop, Only Shop", to minimize every loss. 

Pre-Construction Consultation
Repair Management // 03


  When claims are settled, we continue ensuring you received a fair and equitable settlement. Our repairs staff and construction partners work tirelessly to ensure that every claim dollar paid, is maximized.  This allows us to repair properties to a "Better Than Before" condition, often increasing value and potential return on investment. 

Analysing Data
Claims Management // 02


  Experienced claims professionals manage every aspect of the claims process, ensuring insurance carriers get everything they need up front, minimizing time frames and maximizing recoveries.

  Time-frames  and meeting client deadlines are a crucial part of our claims management process. Our management approach is proactive, plain and simple.

Dollar Bill in Jar
Recoverable Acquisition // 04


  Keeping time-frames as a primary focus, gives our clients the best opportunity to acquire recoverable funds withheld in most settlements. We push to get every recoverable dollar available back to our clients. This is where we surpass the competition. We attempt to make sure their loss is reduced to just a deductible, or no loss at all.

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